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I am in sales and ordered pens. I approved the proof, but didn't know that in approving "not to scale" they can make it any size they want! How *** can I be? But, hey, they sent me a two inch proof. duh...I thought they were going to put two inch lettering on my pens. Please.....

The writing on the pens is so small it is completely unreadable, and they will do nothing but give me a 50% credit on another order. It's clearly their fault and SHAME ON THEM!

They lured me in because of their so-called alliance with a professional designation I hold, "ePro".


I would be completely embarrassed to give out these pens.

Monetary Loss: $210.

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Just got a call from Dynamic and I really hate the way they pretend we spoke about something before when we didnt and they are all so "excited" to talk to me again. Why do companies use deceit as a marketing strategy?


I just rec'd a notice that a comment had been posted on this site from a comment made 2 years ago. This latest comment says, "Stop spamming people!" And I really don't have a clue as to what is going on with that. If there's something happening, please let me know.


Stop spamming people!


Noooo.... I didn't think they would be putting 2" lettering on pens...please.

They sent me a proof with 2" lettering. They did not send me a proof with the size of the lettering they were going to use. In fact, right before shipping I rec'd a call and they said they thought I would prefer the logo a different way, but I didn't approve the change. However, they shipped out with the unapproved change.

Whether the error was in-house or at the printer, I don't know. But I do know the proof size and layout was not approved by me.

the pens I rec'd were poor quality and again, the printing so small it's laughable.

By the way, David.... If you are in sales and write comments on-line such as you did, you should find another line of work.


Wow! You are pretty ***!!!

2 inch lettering?? Are you crazy???

How do you think they can put 2 inch lettering on pens? I work for Dynamic Marketing and I'm going to tell them all here at head office how *** you are!!!

to David #616661

Your company is horrible. I have been waiting for a refund for 9 months still nothing...

and you have the nearve to mock someone.... I feel sad for you. ast you boss to refund invoice#104759.

If the poduct is bad you should do the honest thing and refund specially when you have your own curior pick up the product. You have the product and the money...

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